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USL Recreational League

Rec League Ages

Our youngest age group starts with players who were born in the year 2014 (UNDER 5)

Our oldest age group starts with players born in the year 2000 (UNDER 19)

Special consideration may be taken for younger children who fall outside of the 2014 boundary.  Please contact us for information on this.

For players younger or older than this age range; please check out the other programs USL has to offer.

Registration Includes:

  • Nike soccer uniform kit: Jersey, short, and socks
  • Skills Training Sessions provided by our professional staff; see Skills Nights page for complete details
  • A participation trophy will be given to all Full Season and Spring Season Only registered players and will be presented in June
Recreational League

Late Registration Prices

$175.00 Late Registration Fee
*Note Registration will close March 31st and waitlists are now in place. Waitlisters will pay $0 and if we are able to place your child on a team we will contact you ASAP. 

Season Dates

A full year consists of both Fall and Spring Seasons

FALL begins early September and ends on late October 

SPRING begins early April and ends early June


Being a Recreational League, participation is key.  For all players to learn and enjoy the game, each player must play at least 50 % of the game.  Teams are rearranged every year in order to ensure that every team has a mix of new players and more experienced players.  This ensures that as many games as possible are competitive and no "all-star" teams will dominate an age group.  There is NO tryout, and everyone who registers will be placed on a team.

Interested in Coaching this year? Click Below to Register



Mobile App: Team Pages How-To


All teams are coached by volunteer parents.  Our coaches are encouraged to practice weekly with their teams, however, player participation and personal schedule can greatly impact this.  Because of this, team practice times and locations are up to the discretion of each HEAD COACH and vary from team to team.  The permits that we hold for practice locations can be found on the Facilities & Fields page.  Coaches are encouraged to use these locations for practices.  

Game Information

Number of Games
The number of matches played varies for each age group.  Please see below the details for your child's age group:

  • Under 5 and Under 6:  Fall Season is 8 matches, Spring Season is 8 matches
  • Under 7 through Under 12:  Fall Season is 8 matches, Spring Season is 6 matches + 3-4 tournament matches
  • Under 13/Under 14 and HIGH SCHOOL: Fall Season is 8-10 matches, Spring Season is 8-10 matches

Age Matrix: 2018-2019 Seasonal Year

age matrix soccer

Check out the Age Matrix to determine what age group your child and their friends will be playing in this coming season.

The seasonal soccer year runs from August 1st  through July 31st.

Recreational Youth players with August and September birth dates may request to play up with their school grade.
Requests should be noted on the online registration form.

Note: The format “U" followed by age, really means that age and younger. For example, U8 should be read as 8 and younger.